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State Committee

Our governing body.

The Democratic State Committee is composed of over 400 Democrats from Massachusetts’ 40 senatorial districts, caucus representatives, add-on members, and Party officials. They are instrumental to electing Democrats from the State House to the White House, and help determine the direction of our party. Information about subcommittees can be found here.

State Committee Officers

Gus Bickford, Chair
Deb Kozikowski, Vice Chair
Leon Brathwaite, Vice Chair
Carol Aloisi, Secretary
Kathy Gasperine, Treasurer
Sharon Stout, Deputy Treasurer
Thomas Holloway, Deputy Treasurer
Mike Lake, Deputy Treasurer
Ray Jordan, Chair Emeritus

Upcoming State Committee Events

The next meeting of the Democratic State Committee will be held virtually on January 22, 2022 at 10 AM. Members of the public can view the meeting live on the MassDems YouTube channel, here

View DSC attendance

View attendance records from previous DSC meetings.

View meeting minutes

Minutes are available from the November 2021 meeting.


Members of the Democratic State Committee

Information about subcommittees and their members can be found here.

GenderDistrictLastNameFirstNamePreferred PhonePreferredEmail
M012 First Hampden & HampshireAdamsBruce(413)
F017 Third
M020 First Middlesex &
M008 Third EssexAlinsugConstantino "Coco"(781)
F025 Norfolk, Bristol &
F032 First SuffolkAllenWillie(617)
F032 First SuffolkAlmquistElaine(978)
F034 First Suffolk & MiddlesexAloisiCarol(617)
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkAltherrTerry(617)
F018 Fourth MiddlesexAmarMabel(617)
F031 Plymouth & NorfolkArenaAlice(781)
M024 Norfolk, Bristol & MiddlesexAshtonRussell(508)
F024 Norfolk, Bristol &
M016 Second MiddlesexAtkinsChester(508)
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkAuchinclossJake
F040 Worcester & NorfolkAucoinPauline(508)
F032 First SuffolkBagleySandi(781)
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkBarashBryan(617)
M016 Second MiddlesexBarnoskiGeorge(617)
M012 First Hampden & HampshireBattleCharles(413)
F009 First Essex & MiddlesexBaylissCatherine(617)
M037 Second WorcesterBedardJames(508)
F024 Norfolk, Bristol & MiddlesexBeeAdeline(508)
M031 Plymouth & NorfolkBellottiFrancis
F020 First Middlesex &
F033 Second SuffolkBerbanoHelena(407)
M040 Worcester & NorfolkBertonazziLouis(508)
F006 First
F017 Third MiddlesexBeyerJanet(978)
M015 First MiddlesexBickfordAugustus(978)
M032 First
M011 HampdenBissonnetteMichael(413)594-2945
M023 Middlesex & WorcesterBloomenthalBenjamin(617)
M034 First Suffolk & MiddlesexBoncoreJoseph(617)
F029 First Plymouth &
F017 Third MiddlesexBourneRhonda(781)
M031 Plymouth & NorfolkBowesJohn(617)
M024 Norfolk, Bristol & MiddlesexBowlesBill(508)
F025 Norfolk, Bristol &
M026 Norfolk & PlymouthBrackenMark(617)
M030 Second Plymouth & BristolBradyMichael(508)
M005 Cape & IslandsBrathwaiteLeon(508)
F005 Cape & IslandsBrathwaiteBrenda(508)
M036 First WorcesterBrissetteJohn(508)
F031 Plymouth &
M030 Second Plymouth & BristolBuckleyJohn(508)
M035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexBuckleyJohn(617)
F025 Norfolk, Bristol & PlymouthBumpSuzanne(617)
F017 Third
M020 First Middlesex &
F019 Fifth
M004 Second Bristol & PlymouthCabralAntonio(508)
M003 First Bristol & PlymouthCamaraSteven(508)
M011 HampdenCampbellLezlie(413)
M031 Plymouth & NorfolkCantwellJames(781)
M034 First Suffolk & MiddlesexCapobiancoValentino(617)
M016 Second MiddlesexCapuanoMichael(617)
M027 Norfolk & SuffolkCarlsonJerold(617)
M007 Second EssexCarltonTyler(978)
M012 First Hampden & HampshireCaronPaul(413)
M021 Second Middlesex & NorfolkCassidyRobert(508)
F032 First
F036 First WorcesterChandlerHarriette(508)
F016 Second MiddlesexChangKatherine(617)
F022 Middlesex &
F009 First Essex & MiddlesexChristensenCarla(978)
M038 Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & MiddlesexClarkDylan(774)
F019 Fifth MiddlesexClarkKatherine(781)
F024 Norfolk, Bristol & MiddlesexCoakleyCarol(508)
M035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexCohnJonathan(215)
F012 First Hampden & HampshireCokkiniasMary
F034 First Suffolk &
M012 First Hampden & HampshireCollinsEdward(413)
M016 Second MiddlesexColtRobert(617)
M033 Second SuffolkComeauJeremy(781)
M022 Middlesex & SuffolkCorrBrian(617)
F016 Second MiddlesexCorriganHelen(617)
M003 First Bristol & PlymouthCostaKevin(508)
M014 Hampshire, Franklin & WorcesterCoteMark(413)
F015 First MiddlesexCoughlinElizabeth(978)
F039 Worcester & MiddlesexCraginSally(978)
F040 Worcester & NorfolkCreanChristine(617)
F035 Second Suffolk &
F007 Second EssexCurtisJulie(508)
F030 Second Plymouth &
F002 Bristol & NorfolkCurtisJacqueline(508)
F008 Third
M031 Plymouth &
F008 Third EssexDavisMadelyn(781)
F018 Fourth MiddlesexDealPatricia(781)
F013 Second Hampden &
F034 First Suffolk &
F003 First Bristol & PlymouthDennisSandra(508)
M003 First Bristol & PlymouthDennisDavid(508)
M036 First WorcesterDepaloPaul
F019 Fifth MiddlesexDeselmLizbeth(617)
F031 Plymouth & NorfolkDetellisKaren(781)
F035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexDevaneyMarilyn(617)
M033 Second SuffolkDicaraLawrence(617)
M009 First Essex & MiddlesexDisalvoMark(978)
M018 Fourth MiddlesexDitullioJames(781)
F017 Third MiddlesexDolanMara(978)
F023 Middlesex & WorcesterDonaghueKate(508)
M029 First Plymouth &
F029 First Plymouth &
F018 Fourth MiddlesexDonovanCarol(617)
M013 Second Hampden & HampshireDrewnowskiRay(413)
M028 Plymouth & BarnstableDriscollStephen(617)
F037 Second
F009 First Essex & MiddlesexDuffEileen(978)
F013 Second Hampden & HampshireDunehewMarjorie(413)
M028 Plymouth & BarnstableDunnBrian(508)
M028 Plymouth & BarnstableDupreyRobert(978)
F010 Second Essex & MiddlesexDwyerCathy(508)
F035 Second Suffolk &
M036 First
F034 First Suffolk & MiddlesexEdwardsLydia(617)
M023 Middlesex & WorcesterEldridgeJames(508)
M033 Second
F003 First Bristol & PlymouthFastinoDebra(508)
M008 Third EssexFennellRobert
F031 Plymouth & NorfolkFenochiettiNorma
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkFernandezRaul(305)
F009 First Essex & MiddlesexFerranteAnn-Margaret(978)
M003 First Bristol & PlymouthFerreiraJoseph(508)
F007 Second EssexFinkelsteinMarsha(617)
M006 First EssexFiorentiniJames(978)
M008 Third
F033 Second
M007 Second EssexFlemingJames(978)
F033 Second
F033 Second SuffolkFontanezJovita(617)
F014 Hampshire, Franklin & WorcesterFordMary(413)
F014 Hampshire, Franklin &
M029 First Plymouth & BristolGallagherDennis(508)
M035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexGalvinWilliam
F025 Norfolk, Bristol & PlymouthGancarskiJoan(617)
F026 Norfolk & PlymouthGardnerAlicia(617)
F022 Middlesex &
M037 Second WorcesterGermanMax(508)
M017 Third MiddlesexGiffordRufus(310)874-8244
M024 Norfolk, Bristol & MiddlesexGilbreathJ(508)
M036 First WorcesterGiorgioPaul(508)
M023 Middlesex &
F012 First Hampden & HampshireGlazerCandy(413)
M037 Second WorcesterGlodisGuy(508)
F020 First Middlesex & NorfolkGoldbergDeborah
F037 Second WorcesterGoldmanRoberta(508)
F037 Second WorcesterGoodrichDoreen508 951
M017 Third MiddlesexGordonKenneth(617)
M016 Second MiddlesexGreenAndre(617)
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkGrossTed(617)
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkGrossmanSteven
M001 Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & HampdenGuernseySherwood(413)
M039 Worcester & MiddlesexHaigisPeter(774)
F033 Second SuffolkHalbertKristen
M033 Second SuffolkHalbertDavid(413)
F019 Fifth MiddlesexHallKathleen(781)
F011 HampdenHansmannKaren(413)
F024 Norfolk, Bristol &
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkHarneyJohn(617)
M001 Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & HampdenHarrisonL(413)
M039 Worcester & MiddlesexHavertyPatrick(978)
F007 Second EssexHazelMarilyn(978)
F022 Middlesex & SuffolkHealeyMaura
F015 First MiddlesexHealyKathleen(978)
F033 Second SuffolkHenniganMaura(617)
F035 Second Suffolk &
M038 Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & MiddlesexHicksRalph(508)
M032 First SuffolkHicksJared(617)
F039 Worcester & MiddlesexHigginsNatalie(978)
M001 Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & HampdenHindsAdam(413)
F011 HampdenHinksonGillian(413)
M040 Worcester & NorfolkHockenburySamuel(774)
M036 First WorcesterHollowayThomas(857)
M012 First Hampden & HampshireHolmesPierrce(413)
M025 Norfolk, Bristol & PlymouthHoranMichael(617)
M004 Second Bristol & PlymouthHowcroftJohn(508)
F016 Second MiddlesexHoweMarie
F005 Cape & IslandsHubbardRobin(508)
F026 Norfolk &
M032 First SuffolkHuntDaniel(617)
M032 First SuffolkHuntJames(617)265-1622
F012 First Hampden & HampshireHurleyMary
M033 Second
M027 Norfolk &
M035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexIizuka
F020 First Middlesex & NorfolkJacksonMartina(617)
F011 HampdenJacksonGabrielle(330)
F027 Norfolk & SuffolkJacobsonRani(857)
F024 Norfolk, Bristol &
M016 Second
M034 First Suffolk &
F011 HampdenJefferySophia(413)
M015 First MiddlesexJenkinsChristopher(978)
F038 Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & MiddlesexJetteLaura(508)
M031 Plymouth & NorfolkJohnstonPhilip(617)
M011 HampdenJordanRaymond(413)
M025 Norfolk, Bristol & PlymouthJoyceKevin(781)
F032 First SuffolkJoyce-MorrisMary(617)
M025 Norfolk, Bristol & PlymouthJubinvilleRobert(617)306-5897
F005 Cape & IslandsKamarckElaine(617)
M002 Bristol & NorfolkKaplanJoe(508)
M028 Plymouth & BarnstableKeatingBill
M011 HampdenKellyDan(413)
M031 Plymouth &
F016 Second MiddlesexKelly
F023 Middlesex & WorcesterKennedySusan(978)
M008 Third EssexKennedyTerrence(617)
M015 First MiddlesexKennedyEdward(978)
M016 Second MiddlesexKillickColin
F012 First Hampden & HampshireKimballIrene
F015 First MiddlesexKirwin-KeiltyPatricia(978)
M016 Second MiddlesexKlekotaJustin(617)
M031 Plymouth &
F011 HampdenKozikowskiDebra(413)
F028 Plymouth & BarnstableKullarAmy(617)
F013 Second Hampden &
M035 Second Suffolk &
M003 First Bristol & PlymouthLambertEdward(774)294-5584
M036 First WorcesterLanavaMichael(508)
M021 Second Middlesex & NorfolkLanniganMark(508)
M017 Third MiddlesexLarkinThomas(781)
F023 Middlesex & WorcesterLe TreizeKara(508)
M006 First EssexLeBlancBob(978)
M012 First Hampden & HampshireLedermanJesse(413)
M005 Cape &
M015 First MiddlesexLemayCurtis(978)
F004 Second Bristol &
M021 Second Middlesex & NorfolkLewisJack(508)
M002 Bristol &
F010 Second Essex & MiddlesexLitalienBarbara(978)475-8681
F034 First Suffolk & MiddlesexLoconteDenise(617)
F011 HampdenLopesCandice(413)233-8179
F016 Second MiddlesexLorenzoKerianne(617)
F033 Second SuffolkLoweChristine(617)
M022 Middlesex & SuffolkLuzierWill(617)
M032 First
F026 Norfolk &
F014 Hampshire, Franklin & WorcesterMacCrackenBonnie(413)
F028 Plymouth & BarnstableMacGregorZelda(774)
F031 Plymouth & NorfolkMacKenzieMargaret(781)337-0414
M032 First SuffolkManningDaniel(617)
M010 Second Essex & MiddlesexMannionGary(978)
F012 First Hampden & HampshireMarantzMichele(413)
M026 Norfolk & PlymouthMarianoRonald
M019 Fifth
M037 Second WorcesterMartinJoe(774)
F022 Middlesex & SuffolkMartinsStephanie(772)
M016 Second MiddlesexMassieBob(617)
F016 Second MiddlesexMastersDiane(617)
M031 Plymouth & NorfolkMatthewsChris(781)
F035 Second Suffolk &
F017 Third
M019 Fifth MiddlesexMcCloryPaul(617)
M026 Norfolk &
M027 Norfolk & SuffolkMcDonoughWalter(781)
M008 Third EssexMcGeeThomas(617)
M031 Plymouth &
M036 First
M023 Middlesex & WorcesterMcGowanJames(978)
M015 First
F003 First Bristol &
F036 First WorcesterMero-CarlsonCandy(508)
M040 Worcester &
F015 First MiddlesexMiethJennifer(978)
F005 Cape & IslandsMilanoSandra(774)
F029 First Plymouth &
F027 Norfolk & SuffolkMonahanStacey(617)
F032 First SuffolkMonteiroLinda(617)
F001 Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin &
F010 Second Essex &
M013 Second Hampden & HampshireMorinDavid(413)
F017 Third
M026 Norfolk & PlymouthMorrisseyMichael(617)
F040 Worcester & NorfolkMosczynskiLisa(508)
F019 Fifth
M004 Second Bristol & PlymouthMottaCharles(508)
M007 Second
M017 Third MiddlesexMullinJoseph(781)
F027 Norfolk & SuffolkMurphyBridget(617)
F009 First Essex & MiddlesexMurphyAlana(617)
M009 First Essex &
F001 Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & HampdenMurraySheila(413)
F028 Plymouth & BarnstableMurrayTherese(508)
M014 Hampshire, Franklin & WorcesterNarkewiczDavid(413)
M002 Bristol & NorfolkNaughtonDennis(508)
F002 Bristol &
F033 Second SuffolkNavarroVero(617)
M011 HampdenNealRichard
F038 Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & MiddlesexNeslusanTanya(774)
M001 Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & HampdenNilanClifford(413)
F001 Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & HampdenO'BrienMary(413)
M017 Third MiddlesexObrienDavid(617)
M009 First Essex & MiddlesexOlearyStephen(978)664-3545
M035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexOwensSteve(617)
M029 First Plymouth & BristolPachecoMarc(508)
M037 Second WorcesterPalitschJason(508)
M010 Second Essex & MiddlesexPappasGregory(978)
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkParkTed(201)
F024 Norfolk, Bristol & MiddlesexParkerEllen(508)
M020 First Middlesex & NorfolkParkerKenneth(617)
F035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexParkerSheneal(617)
F021 Second Middlesex & NorfolkPascualGloria(508)
F006 First
F027 Norfolk &
F030 Second Plymouth & BristolPecevichAllyne(508)
F023 Middlesex &
F014 Hampshire, Franklin &
M018 Fourth MiddlesexPetersRobert(781)
M035 Second Suffolk &
F022 Middlesex & SuffolkPhillipsLesley(810)
M003 First Bristol & PlymouthPimentalJim(508)
F035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexPinesLois(617)
F032 First
F022 Middlesex & SuffolkPintiLinda(810)
F035 Second Suffolk &
M035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexPoindexterMelvin(617)
F006 First
F017 Third MiddlesexPoultenGail(978)
M017 Third
M007 Second EssexPowellArthur(978)
F002 Bristol &
M019 Fifth MiddlesexPrattAlex(978)
F032 First SuffolkPressleyAyanna(617)955-3402
M008 Third EssexQuirogaRicardo(781)
F001 Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & HampdenRapetti CawseMarietta(413)
F024 Norfolk, Bristol &
F031 Plymouth & NorfolkReardonLiz(415)
F004 Second Bristol &
M005 Cape & IslandsReedJohn(508)
F039 Worcester & MiddlesexRichardsMary(617)
F032 First SuffolkRichieCharlotte(617)
F008 Third EssexRickoAgnes(781)
F035 Second Suffolk &
M010 Second Essex & MiddlesexRiveraJay Manuel(401)
F005 Cape & IslandsRizzoSally(508)
F021 Second Middlesex & NorfolkRobinsonMaria(508)
F032 First SuffolkRochaDalida(857)
M032 First SuffolkRodriguesJonathan(773)
F030 Second Plymouth &
F002 Bristol &
F016 Second MiddlesexRooseveltAnn(617)
M016 Second
M014 Hampshire, Franklin &
M033 Second SuffolkRossJeffrey(617)
M035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexRuizPablo(608)
M029 First Plymouth & BristolRussellErvin(508)
M008 Third EssexRussoDrew(781)
M013 Second Hampden & HampshireRussoAnthony(413)
M025 Norfolk, Bristol & PlymouthRutleyJonathan(781)
F006 First EssexRutterMarianne(978)
F020 First Middlesex & NorfolkRyan-CaffrayHolly(857)
M033 Second SuffolkSanchezDiego(617)
F013 Second Hampden & HampshireSandlinRosemary(413)
M004 Second Bristol &
F026 Norfolk & PlymouthSchaperoMelissa(978)
F033 Second SuffolkShawSarah-Ann(617)427-1853
M031 Plymouth &
M038 Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & MiddlesexShemethWilliam(508)
M002 Bristol & NorfolkShinnickJames(650)
F002 Bristol & NorfolkShinnickTina(415)
F025 Norfolk, Bristol &
F021 Second Middlesex & NorfolkShulmanNorma(508)
F018 Fourth
F019 Fifth MiddlesexSmithAmanda(339)
F030 Second Plymouth & BristolSmithDoryce(617)
M008 Third EssexSmithJames(781)
F025 Norfolk, Bristol & PlymouthSmithDonna(781)
M027 Norfolk & SuffolkSmithRobert
M033 Second SuffolkSmithDarryl(857)
F011 HampdenSpaldingShanique(857)
M007 Second
M006 First EssexSpencerJoseph(781)
F021 Second Middlesex & NorfolkSpilkaKaren
F013 Second Hampden & HampshireStenbergNancy(413)
F033 Second SuffolkStevens
F037 Second WorcesterStockErin(508)
M034 First Suffolk & MiddlesexStoddardStephen(781)
F020 First Middlesex & NorfolkStoutSharon(617)
M004 Second Bristol & PlymouthStrausWilliam(508)
F010 Second Essex &
M019 Fifth MiddlesexTafoyaBen(781)
M040 Worcester & NorfolkTagliaferriKevin(978)
M034 First Suffolk &
F018 Fourth MiddlesexThompsonMelanie(781)
M009 First Essex & MiddlesexThompsonKen(978)
F019 Fifth MiddlesexThomsonSusan(781)
M035 Second Suffolk & MiddlesexTolmanSteven(617)
F015 First MiddlesexTrahanLori
F029 First Plymouth &
F007 Second EssexTronChristine(520)
F033 Second SuffolkTurleyMarie(617)
F036 First WorcesterVan LiewRobin(508)
F027 Norfolk & SuffolkVan
M034 First Suffolk & MiddlesexVelazquezAdrian(617)
M021 Second Middlesex & NorfolkWahidParwez(508)
M035 Second Suffolk &
M017 Third MiddlesexWallhagenRobert(978)
F008 Third EssexWalshLaura(781)
F016 Second MiddlesexWalshTeresa(617)
M008 Third EssexWalshSteven(617)
M032 First
M019 Fifth MiddlesexWalshMatthew(413)
F016 Second MiddlesexWarrenElizabeth
F029 First Plymouth & BristolWasylykMary(508)
M002 Bristol &
F019 Fifth MiddlesexWestlakeAmanda(781)
M033 Second SuffolkWhiteArmani(857)
F039 Worcester & MiddlesexWhitneyMary(508)
F016 Second MiddlesexWolfAlice(617)
F027 Norfolk & SuffolkWuMichelle(617)
M032 First SuffolkYanceyCharles(617)
M033 Second
M021 Second Middlesex &
F018 Fourth MiddlesexZaliskEileen(617)

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