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Blueprint to '22

Blueprint to ‘22 sets Democrats up to win locally in 2021, take back the corner office in 2022, and make real, lasting contributions to their communities.

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Blueprint to ‘22 Captains and Organizers will plan and execute community building and service projects to tackle their neighborhood’s everyday needs and build a strong local coalition ahead of the 2022 statewide elections. If you’re ready to start a Blueprint team in your city or town, click here to connect with a member of the MassDems staff.

To run a successful statewide grassroots organizing program, we’ll need strategic partners at all levels. Below are short descriptions of the Blueprint to ‘22 supporting roles.


As local leaders, Captains are the ones who coordinate Organizers to complete community building or service projects in their town or city. Captains can choose to plan their own action or support the work of another organization that embodies Democratic values. The MassDems will work with Captains throughout the planning process to develop a recruitment strategy, connect Captains with local leaders or spokespeople, or provide event templates and resources. Captains work closely with Organizers to recruit for and execute these events and are the primary point of contact between the local team and the MassDems staff. Already a Captain? Click here for resources to help you get started.


Organizers are the boots on the ground in every municipality. Led by Captains, Organizers help recruit for and execute service events. After the Captain chooses an action, Organizers get to work inviting folks to the event! Monthly Blueprint Bootcamps give Organizers the tools to mobilize their friends, family, and neighbors by thinking relationally about their outreach. The goal of Blueprint to ‘22 isn’t for Organizers to just complete tasks or make calls, it’s to help them build relationships with voters and volunteers that last through 2022 and beyond.


You might not be able to join the program as a Captain or Organizer–we still need you on our team! If you’re ready to elect Democrats across the ballot in 2022, click here to commit to volunteering with the MassDems next fall and be notified about other training and engagement opportunities with Blueprint to ‘22.

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