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Blueprint to '22

Blueprint to ‘22 sets Democrats up to win locally in 2021, take back the corner office in 2022, and make real, lasting contributions to their communities.

Blueprint to ‘22 goes beyond the ballot.

Democrats across the Commonwealth are using Blueprint to ‘22 to make real, lasting contributions to their communities through service. Scroll down to learn more about the work being done by Blueprint to ‘22 teams and find ideas for your own community service projects.

Hanover Democrats Coat and Jacket Drive

In preparation for the colder months, Hanover Democrats organized a coat and jacket drive with the Hanover Food Pantry. Their Blueprint team collect 119 jackets to donate to the pantry. Town Chair and Blueprint Captain Emmanuel Dockter said he’s, “Proud to be living somewhere where folks care enough to give like this.”

Arlington Democrats Food Drive

Arlington Democrats held a food drive to benefit the Arlington Eats Food Pantry. The Arlington Dems organized a donation of approximately 50 bags of groceries and $1000 cash to the pantry to help fight food insecurity and hunger in their community. The committee was also able to offer volunteer credit to high school students who helped out with the food drive and they’re looking forward to keeping these young folks engaged in the local party. The Arlington Dems are already looking forward to their next Blueprint project!

Hanover Democrats Trail Clean-up

In October, Hanover Democrats partnered with the Hanover Open Space Committee to make a popular trail in their town more walkable. Excited to see Democrats doing good work, folks walking the trail outside of the Hanover Blueprint team joined the clean up too! The Hanover Democrats are excited to have some new members as a result of their Blueprint project. 

Salem Democrats Keep Salem Beautiful

In August, Salem Democrats used Blueprint to ‘22 resources to recruit over a dozen people to join a beach and park clean-up with the Keep Salem Beautiful initiative. It was Keep Salem Beautiful’s best-attended event ever–a success they clearly attributed to the support of Democrats and our Blueprint to ‘22 program.

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