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Blueprint to '22

Blueprint to ‘22 sets Democrats up to win locally in 2021, take back the corner office in 2022, and make real, lasting contributions to their communities.

Engagement Levels

To run a successful statewide grassroots organizing program, we’ll need strategic partners at all levels! Below are short descriptions of the Blueprint to ‘22 supporting roles needed to build our winning coalition. Full role guides can be found here.

Blueprint Ambassadors

Blueprint Ambassadors spread the word about Blueprint to ’22 in their community. They help recruit Town & Ward Captains to lead projects in their area by speaking at local meetings and events and talking with folks one on one about outreach and training opportunities.

Town & Ward Captains

Town & Ward Captains are the central hub for information within their city, town, or ward. Captains will work the closest with Grassroots Organizers, communicating goals and tracking progress. While Town & Ward Captains take on a supporting role within their community, they can also have their own precinct assignment! This role decides which options for action their town, city, or ward will be supporting for the month and communicates that with Grassroots Organizers. 

Grassroots Organizers

Grassroots Organizers are our boots on the ground. Hyper focused on growing their personal volunteer corps, these organizers are dedicated to creating deep and lasting relationships with their community connections. Their main charge is to create and maintain 25 community connections over the course of the 16-month program. The precinct model of organizing allows us to hyper-localize outreach. This means we can accomplish incredible statewide goals while keeping individual commitment very manageable.

Become a Blueprint Ambassador

Click here to complete the onboarding for Blueprint Ambassadors.

Become a Town & Ward Captain

Click here to complete the onboarding for Town & Ward Captains.

Become a Grassroots Organizer

Click here to complete the onboarding for Grassroots Organizers.

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