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Blueprint to '22

Blueprint to ‘22 sets Democrats up to win locally in 2021, take back the corner office in 2022, and make real, lasting contributions to their communities.

Skill-building Sessions and Resources

After signing up for the program, use the buttons below to view resources to view all materials and guidance for the program and get your family, friends, and colleagues involved in Blueprint to ’22. In the future, find more information about quarterly projects and upcoming trainings.

Blueprint to ’22 Skill-building Sessions

Through monthly trainings, Organizers will strengthen our campaign and organizing skills and help develop our outreach strategy ahead of 2022. From technology, to organizing, to communications, Grassroots Organizers won’t just learn the skills to help them complete their quarterly project, they’ll be empowered to design and manage their own outreach and engagement initiatives for years to come. Click here to sign up.

Watch the Training on Relational Organizing with Kristen Elechko


Blueprint to ’22 Recruitment Toolkit

In this toolkit is everything you’ll need to help recruit program participants over the phone, online, and during conversations with your networks. From topline talking points, to call scripts and text message samples, to social posts and graphics, use the materials in this document to spread the word about Blueprint to ’22. Click here to view the Recruitment Toolkit.

Blueprint to ’22 Master Folder

The Blueprint to ’22 Master Folder is where you can find all the documents you’ll need to complete projects, sign up for trainings, learn more about Blueprint to ’22, and get other folks involved. Click here to view the Master Folder.

More Resources for Blueprint to ’22 Participants

Recruitment Toolkit

Use this toolkit to get your friends, family, and colleagues involved in Blueprint to '22.

Blueprint to '22 Master Folder

View all onboarding, project, and sharable documents for Blueprint to '22.

Program Role Guides

View descriptions for Blueprint Ambassadors, Town & Ward Captains, and Grassroots Organizers.

View Creative Assets

View social media graphics and other shareable content for Blueprint to '22.

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