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Blueprint to '22

Blueprint to ‘22 sets Democrats up to win locally in 2021, take back the corner office in 2022, and make real, lasting contributions to their communities.

What is Blueprint to ’22?

Blueprint to ‘22 is the MassDems’ relational organizing and community building initiative to help Democrats mobilize their friends, family, and neighbors through public service actions ahead of the 2022 statewide elections.

Through monthly training bootcamps and guided projects, Blueprint teams will develop the tools to foster relationships with local activists and community partners, strengthening the Democratic coalition and building local volunteer networks ready to mobilize for Democrats across the ballot next November.

Commit to Volunteer

Commit to volunteering for Democrats in 2022, connect with your local Captain, and get updates on monthly training sessions and engagement opportunities.

Learn More

Request more information about Blueprint to ‘22 and connect with MassDems staff. View program resources, testimonials, organization charts, and more.

Resources for Teams

Already a Blueprint to ‘22 Captain? Click here to pick your action, find event templates and materials, and find toolkits to help with recruitment, event promotion, & more.

Blueprint Bootcamps

Anyone is welcome to join Blueprint Bootcamps, monthly training sessions with campaign experts! Sessions are held virtually at 6 PM on the third Wednesday of the month.

Blueprint to ‘22 emphasizes service, action, and skill-building.

Service Projects That Go Beyond the Ballot

Being a Democrat means more than being a good voter or campaigner, it means being a good neighbor. Through Blueprint to ‘22, local teams will host service projects and events to demonstrate our values and address everyday needs at the local level. Food drives, charitable fundraisers, and community clean-ups are just a few of the events organized by Blueprint teams happening right now across the Commonwealth! Click here to learn about Blueprint service projects from the folks on the ground.

Take Action and Expand Your Local Team

The MassDems will guide Blueprint teams and help expand their teams, engage new voters, and strengthen existing relationships with activist organizations in their area. We’ll help you brainstorm event ideas, connect with community partners and leaders, or plan a recruitment or follow-strategy to invite new Democrats and keep them involved. Click here to view event resources or connect with the MassDems staff for more information.

Learn New Skills with Blueprint Bootcamps

Blueprint Bootcamps, our monthly training sessions, give Blueprint teams the tools to make their events a success and become expert organizers ahead of the 2022 election cycle. From relational organizing, to volunteer management, to digital and communications strategy, Organizers won’t just learn the skills to recruit for and promote their community service projects, they’ll be empowered to design and manage their own outreach and engagement initiatives for years to come. Click here to view past training recordings and sign up for upcoming Blueprint Bootcamps.

Attend a Blueprint Event

Use the table below to search for Blueprint service projects happening in your area.

OrganizationEvent NameDateStart TimeEnd TimeLocationDescriptionTypeSign Up
Amherst DemocratsBlueprint to '22: Amherst Voter Registration Canvass11/14/20211:00:00 PMTBAHelp strengthen democratic engagement by joining our voter registration drive! Amherst Democrats will be assisting our neighbors in low-registration neighborhoods to have their voices heard in the critical 2022 state and national elections, with cider and doughnuts to follow. It promises to be a fun afternoon connecting with fellow Amherst Democrats and laying the groundwork for our party’s future.Canvass
Burlington - DTCBlueprint to '22: Burlington DTC Holiday Food Drive11/15/20219:00:00 AM2:00:00 PMBurlington Food Pantry 10 Mark St. Burlington, MA 01803Burlington DTC Holiday Food Drive donations drop off directly to: Burlington Food Pantry, 10 Mark St. Burlington, Monday 11/15 and Tuesday 11/16 from 9AM-2PM. Community eventSign up
Massachusetts Democratic PartyBlueprint Bootcamp: Creating and Managing Goals11/17/20216:00:00 PMRemoteThe November Blueprint Bootcamp will focus on Creating and Managing Goals. Setting high but achievable goals keeps organizers on track and helps teams measure their progress.Workshop/trainingSign up
Massachusetts Democratic PartyBlueprint Bootcamp: Using Social Media Platforms for Action12/15/20216:00:00 PMRemoteLearn how to mobilize your friends, family, and followers using online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.Workshop/trainingSign up
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