August 18, 2014/Press Releases

Weekend Story Raises More Questions About Republican Charlie Baker’s Connection to Christie Pension Controversy

For Immediate Release
August 18, 2014

Contact: Pat Beaudry
Phone: 617.939.0800

oston—A new report over the weekend is raising more questions about Republican Charlie Baker’s link to embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the New Jersey pension fund’s investment into a fund controlled by a firm Baker works with. The new information surfacing this weekend shows that embattled Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s political team was in direct contact with the New Jersey State Pension Overseer. Republican Baker donated $10,000 to Christie; several months later the New Jersey public pension agency invested in the Baker firm.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party released the following video as questions remain unanswered about what Republican Baker knew and when he knew it.

"Now we come to find that Republican Baker is enjoying the benefits of over $1 million dollars in Super PAC money from the national Republican Governors Association controlled by Christie; there are more and more questions that Republican Baker needs to answer,” said Democratic Coordinated Campaign Chair Ben Downing. “In light of the news over the weekend, and as we wait for the SEC to respond to calls for a federal investigation made by a nonpartisan good government organization, Republican Baker needs to come clean to voters about what he knew and when he knew it."