May 8, 2014/Press Releases

Top Five Questions for Republican Charlie Baker

For Immediate Release

May 8, 2014

Contact: Matt Fenlon
Phone: 617.939.0800

Top Five Questions for Republican Charlie Baker


BOSTON – Six weeks since the Republican convention and now hours after more allegations have been raised, Republican Charlie Baker still has not answered “what he knows and when he knew it” questions swirling around the mess with his own Republican Party.

So here are the new top 5 questions Republican Charlie Baker still needs to answer:

  • What does Republican Charlie Baker know about alleged delegate intimidation raised today by Mark Fisher?
    • Did Republican Charlie Baker hear anything about a Republican State Committee member in December, according to Mark Fisher, offering Fisher money to drop out of the race?
    • Since Republican Charlie Baker has been saying for six weeks he urges a “quick resolution” to the Mark Fisher lawsuit mess and since his comments have already been ignored as “quick” went away several weeks ago, when will he personally offer a firm stance on how to resolve the mess of the Republican Party?
    • Does Republican Charlie Baker agree with the possibility of a monetary settlement in the Fisher lawsuit against the Republican Party?
    • Did Republican Charlie Baker consult with the GOP’s Kirsten Hughes about how to deal with the Fisher lawsuit?