February 6, 2014/Press Releases

Thousands of Democrats Across Massachusetts Gathering for Grassroots Meetings, Issues, Ideas Discussions

For Immediate Release
February 6, 2014

Contact: Matt Fenlon
Phone: 617.939.0800

BOSTON – This Saturday kicks off the month-long Massachusetts Democratic Party caucus season when 3889 delegates and 1525 alternates will be elected to attend the 2014 Democratic Convention in Worcester. Democrats will meet and discuss ideas, issues, and grassroots planning.

“The energy and excitement of the Democratic Party’s robust grassroots network will be in full effect starting Saturday as activists from across Massachusetts attend local caucuses,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Tom McGee. “The unprecedented number of qualified candidates we have is a testament to the deep talent pool of Massachusetts Democrats and to the issues and ideas we as Democrats put forward.”

Delegate allotment for towns and wards are based on Democratic Party registration and are elected to attend the annual convention. The caucuses are the first organizing tool for campaigns and an opportunity to engage grassroots activists.

Candidates and the media are welcome to attend these open meetings and town and ward chairs advertise their caucuses in local media outlets to encourage the public to attend and participate.

“As voters have shown time and again over the past few years, Democrats have better ideas for creating jobs, improving infrastructure, protecting middle class families, ensuring high quality education for our children, preserving the environment, and promoting social equality,” said McGee. “Meanwhile, our Republican counterparts shut out the media from their caucus meetings and haven’t yet even fielded a full ticket.”

The 534 caucuses will be held between February 8 and March 2. Caucuses are open to all registered Democrats in the state of Massachusetts. To increase diversity, youth, people of color, and people with disabilities may apply to be add-on delegates if they are not elected at a caucus or are unable to attend a caucus.

The Massachusetts Democratic Convention will be held on June 13-14 at the DCU Center in Worcester, where delegates and alternates will nominate candidates seeking the Democratic Party endorsement.

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