September 27, 2013/Press Releases

This Is Obamacare

September 27, 2013

The Democratic National Committee has launched their new microsite This Is Obamacare. Check it out!


Find out how Obamacare will affect Bay Staters and help us spread the message by sharing the information below on Facebook and Twitter! 


When the exchange opens, 238,541 uninsured and eligible Bay Staters will have access to affordable care.


Up to 21,000 young adults in Massachusetts can now stay on their parent’s health insurance until they’re 26 years old.


People from Massachusetts with Medicare saved nearly $115 million on prescription drugs because of the Affordable Care Act.


Up to 2,931,068 non-elderly Bay Staters with pre-existing conditions, including 339,504 children, can no longer be denied coverage.


And Republicans voted more than 40 times to take it away. 


At every level, The Republican Party has been actively working against Obamacare trying to take away accessible, affordable health care from millions of Americans like you. In fact, the Republican-controlled House voted more than 40 times to defund, gut and take away Obamacare’s needed protections and services. At every turn, they’ve been working against the interests of middle-class Americans. Join us and tell these elected officials, enough already!