October 20, 2015/Press Releases

Tea Partier Geoff Diehl Dissmissive of Republican Gov. Baker’s Concerns Regarding Draftkings

Contact: Pat Beaudry 
Phone: 617.939.0800
Right Wing Diehl Continues to Legislate from the Fringes of the Massachusetts Republican Party
BOSTON—Geoff Diehl touts his relationship with Governor Baker, but Baker is the highest-ranking elected official in the Party that threw Geoff Diehl off his key leadership role because of his extreme views.
The latest example of Diehl's sharp contrast is in the exploration into fantasy sports leagues.
Republican Gov. Baker recently said in regards to DraftKings, “I do share some of the concerns that have been raised about the fact that this is operating without any kind of framework at all.”
This in contrast to statements made by Tea Partier Diehl during last night’s debate, including his argument that, “This is a game of skill from what I can tell. Let them play their game and let them make their profits.”
Diehl has already established himself as one of the most divisive members of his Party. His own Republican House leadership threw him off a key committee assignment due to his prioritization of Tea Party ideology over compromise and competent governance. In a Boston Herald article from March 18, 2015:
House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones Jr. (R-North Reading) said he removed Diehl because he was difficult to work with, and pointed out that he is part of a faction that sought to oust Jones as leader in 2014.
“I think others have demonstrated a better ability to work with the Republican leadership office,” said Jones, who accused Diehl of being more focused on personal promotion than on getting work done under the Golden Dome.
He also advocated for lowering the minimum wage for workers and increasing tax cuts for millionaires.