December 30, 2015/Press Releases


Mr. Nix It Refuses to Stand Behind Women’s Health Protection Concerns

(BOSTON) – In response to news reports that Republican Governor Charlie Baker is “sidestepping” calls from a women’s advocacy group to classify violence at abortion clinics as domestic terrorism, the Massachusetts Democratic Party issued the following statement:

“Status quo Republican Baker is proving why he’s labeled as Mr. Nix It. Voters elect governors to show leadership, yet while a women’s advocacy group is trying to move forward and highlight the dangers of the escalating violence against women’s health organizations, Republican Baker is choosing the status quo,” said Massachusetts Democratic spokesman Pat Beaudry. “Massachusetts was recently in the leadership business, but now every time Republican Baker governs in the status quo and fails to take a position on important issues, he jeopardizes our ability to remain a national leader on a range of issues – including women’s health.”

This is the latest release in the Mr. Nix It series, where the Massachusetts Democratic Party will highlight Republican Baker’s status quo governance and lack of vision for the future.