April 3, 2019/Press Releases

Statement from MDP Chairman Gus Bickford re: Massachusetts Gaming Commission Report on coverup by Wynn Executives

In response to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission report released yesterday, describing a massive coverup orchestrated by Wynn executives, Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Gus Bickford, released the following statement: 

“The Gaming Commission report, which revealed that Wynn executives orchestrated a scheme to hide horrific allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against Steve Wynn from Massachusetts authorities, offers a glimpse into why Steve Wynn went to extraordinary lengths to support Charlie Baker’s 2014 campaign for Governor.  It has become very clear that Steve Wynn knew he needed all the help he could get in winning a casino license in Massachusetts, and the surest way to get that license was to pour $2 million into Baker’s campaign, funneled through the Republican Governor’s Association. Charlie Baker needs to return every dime he and the RGA received from Steve Wynn.  As a member of the RGA Executive Committee, Baker is in a powerful position and should use that position to ensure the RGA returns all money it received from Wynn.  In addition, a full investigation of the events leading up to the $2 million contribution from Wynn to Baker’s campaign must be conducted to determine whether a quid quo pro arrangement existed.  The public deserves to know whether that $2 million contribution was intended to help Wynn secure one of the coveted Massachusetts casino gaming licenses.”



In December 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that in 2014, top RGA staff discussed “helping Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker using money committed by casino magnate Steve Wynn.” In October 2014, when Wynn Resorts was an applicant for a gaming license, the company gave $2 million to the Republican Governors Association (RGA), its largest-ever donation to the group. The same day, the RGA made a $1.1 million donation to support Baker. Eight days later, it gave $1.1 million more.

When asked by the Journal about Wynn Resorts’ $2 million donation, Phil Cox, who was executive director of the RGA at the time, said of Steve Wynn that he was “sure his interest in the casino was a factor” in the donation to the RGA.