May 14, 2019/Press Releases

Statement from MDP Chair Gus Bickford on reporting that State Police destroyed records central to corruption investigation

In light of the recent reporting on the state police destroying records despite a year-long probe and signs of fraud, the Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Gus Bickford, released the following statement:

“Reports that the Massachusetts State Police destroyed critical records – even after public revelations of corruption within the department – are deeply concerning. State police officials have repeatedly taken steps that threaten to undermine investigations into the scope of corruption at the agency, and the Baker Administration has been woefully slow to respond or hold officials accountable. Governor Baker preaches about transparency and accountability in government, but with each successive report, it becomes clear that his fear of doing something controversial is allowing this abuse to continue.  His Administration either can’t – or won’t – take the decisive steps necessary to restore public confidence in the State Police.”