February 6, 2020/Press Releases

Statement from Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford, Responding to Charlie Baker’s Cowardly Reaction to Senate Impeachment Vote:

“Charlie Baker’s default position—which happens to be to refuse to take any position—shows his complete cowardice. For months, the impeachment proceedings have dominated the news and been an unavoidable topic of conversation for all of us. Yet Charlie Baker has had nothing to say on the topic, until today when instead of condemning Donald Trump or sharing his thoughts on the Senate’s vote to acquit, he simply offered vague criticisms of the process and indicated that he has respect for Senator Romney, who voted to convict Trump.  Groundbreaking. I wish I had the same respect for Governor Baker that he has for Mitt Romney, but the Governor’s spinelessness makes that impossible.  Now all we have to look forward to are months of Charlie Baker refusing to answer whether he will vote for Donald Trump.  Governor Baker is an incapable manager and a cowardly leader.  Perhaps it’s time he just step aside”