January 21, 2020/Press Releases

Statement from Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford on the State of the Commonwealth under Charlie Baker

“Tonight, I look forward to hearing Governor Baker speak to how he is going to address the many crises that we face as a result of the Baker/ Polito administration’s complete inability or unwillingness to manage our state government. 2019 was one of the worst years for commuters in Massachusetts both on our roads and on public transportation. Will Governor Baker continue to deny that we need additional revenue for the MBTA and continue to be OK with record levels of traffic?  What will Governor Baker do to turn around his “F” rating on environmental justice?  Most of all, I look forward to hearing Governor Baker take ownership of the many scandals his administration has faced in just the last year.  We cannot afford another year of corruption at the State Police, complete public safety failures at the RMV, and a public transportation system where “safety is not the priority.”  Governor Baker has an opportunity to take responsibility for his administration’s many failures, and outline how he is going to turn things around.  I hope he uses tonight’s speech to do just that.”