January 31, 2020/Press Releases

Statement from Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford on the Senate’s Impending Vote on Witnesses in the Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump.

“Over the last week, it has become clear that there is new evidence that the public should hear.  We have heard dozens of hours of testimony on the issue of President Donald Trump asking a foreign country to help him in his re-election.  But Republicans in the Senate are ignoring the rule of law and allowing this president to trample on the Constitution, on fairness and on facts.  Where are Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito? Do they believe this is a fair trial? Donald Trump has been impeached and they have been silent. We have yet to hear if they believe he should have been impeached and, more importantly, we have yet to hear if they believe witnesses should be called.  Baker and Polito should let their constituents know where they stand. This is not campaign rhetoric; the future of our country is at stake and their silence makes them complicit with extremist Republicans.”