February 3, 2020/Press Releases

Statement from Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford on Charlie Baker’s Choice on Trump: Lead or Be a Coward:

“As closing arguments in Trump’s impeachment trial are now underway, and a Senate vote is imminent, Charlie Baker has an opportunity before him. He can take a principled stand for our country and call on his fellow Republicans in the Senate to remove Donald Trump from office – or at least reconsider calling witnesses – or go down in history as a coward whose silence helped enable the acquittal of the most corrupt President in our history.  As a leader in his Republican Party, Baker has an obligation to take a stand. Over the weekend, former Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey showed that she is one Republican with a backbone, as she blasted her own Party for losing “any moral compass.” Will Charlie Baker show his backbone and do the same?” 



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