April 23, 2014/Press Releases

Republican Richard Tisei’s Hypocrisy Continues

For Immediate Release
April 23, 2014

Contact: Matt Fenlon
Phone: 617.939.0800

Less than a month after boycotting Republican Conventions, Tisei opens fundraising account with New Hampshire Tea Party candidate

BOSTON – Only a month after boycotting the Republican Convention because he didn’t “want to go and be seen in any way to be endorsing” the MassGOP platform, Republican Richard Tisei has reportedly opened a joint fundraising account with former New Hampshire Congressman and Tea Party Republican Frank Guinta, further linking Tisei to the same Tea Party, anti-equality establishment from which he has tried to distance himself.

“Massachusetts voters won’t be be fooled by Richard Tisei’s latest hypocrisy when it comes to where Richard is getting his campaign money,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Fenlon. “Richard Tisei may say he has ‘serious concerns’ about major policies coming out of the Republican Party, but he has no problem cozying up the most extreme wing of the party to raise campaign cash. How can voters trust Tisei when he claims to be a moderate, yet he continues to court national Tea Party money?”

Last month the Massachusetts Democratic Party challenged Tisei to renounce national Republican money and coordination because of their anti-equality platforms.

“You can’t say you support human rights in March then turn around in April and team up with a former member of the Tea Party Congressional Caucus to court anti-choice and anti-equality donors,” Fenlon continued.

Guinta, who’s anti-equality and anti-choice record is out of touch with mainstream voters, was voted out of office in 2012 after serving only one term and is now running again. During his one term in Congress, Guinta received a “zero” rating from the Human Rights Campaign, which is “America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality.” Guinta also opposed allowing women to make their own health care decisions, going so far as to co-sponsor legislation allowing employers to deny employees birth control.

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