August 18, 2015/Press Releases

Republican Gov. Baker Slashes Millions From Bristol Community College Then Shows Up To Ribbon Cutting

August 21, 2015

BOSTON— Last Friday, many Bristol County voters were left scratching their heads as Republican Gov. Baker showed up at a Bristol Community College ribbon cutting event just weeks after he slashed $6.5 million from the Bristol Community College budget.

“First, Republican Gov. Baker slashes millions of dollars from Bristol Community College’s capital budget then he pops up at the school’s ribbon cutting and takes credit for key investments,” said Mass Dems Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “It’s just the latest example of Republican Baker seeing only numbers on spreadsheets instead of the people affected by his budget cuts.  Fortunately, the Democratic legislature overturned Republican Baker’s harmful vetoes.”

On top of slashing capital funding for community college campuses across Massachusetts last month, Republican Baker also vetoed funding to the University of Massachusetts–all of these vetoes were overridden by the Democratic legislature.