October 1, 2014/Press Releases

Republican Charlie Baker: Romney 2.0? or the Return of the GOP Etcha-Sketch

New Report Today Gives More Reason Voters Can’t Trust Republican Charlie Baker
BOSTON—Following today’s detailed news report analyzing Republican Charlie Baker’s drastic changes in core beliefs on a range of important issues, Massachusetts voters are starting to question how they can trust Republican Baker.“Republican Charlie Baker seems to be now using the Romney Etcha-Sketch playbook—no position is safe or core felt,” said Coordinated Campaign Chair Ben Downing.

“Since Republican Charlie Baker got into this race last year, we’ve learned he’s hired a body coach and an entire team of handlers to try and fool voters and turn him into what his anonymous advisers call ‘Good Charlie’,” said Coordinated Campaign Chair Ben Downing. “But all this shows is Republican Baker’s willingness to change positions based on political calculations and say anything to get elected – voters just can’t trust him,” Downing added.

Highlights from today’s story:

  • On a host of major issues facing Beacon Hill, ranging from the minimum wage to climate change to footing the cost of a rail extension to the South Coast, Baker has, at a minimum, tailored his previous public opinions.
  • This year, he has worked to present a more liberal, more upbeat image on the campaign trail than in his 2010 bid. But his altered policy stances, say Democrats, hint at a candidate who is willing to say anything to win the hearts of voters.
  • The tidy reversal, seized upon by Democrat Martha Coakley’s campaign, is one example of several policy shifts Baker has made since his unsuccessful 2010 campaign against Governor Deval Patrick.
  • Less policy-focused, but perhaps more politically troubling for Baker, have been three statements he has made in the last few months that he was later forced to clean up.
  • In July, he had to explain a statement that appeared to dismiss a Supreme Court case affecting a requirement that small businesses provide insurance coverage for birth control. Last month, Democrats pounced when he passed up a chance to call for the resignation of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Baker did so a few days later. Soon after, he called a female TV reporter “sweetheart’’ and then apologized.
  • Baker came under criticism in 2010 after circulating a flier at the state GOP convention promoting his opposition to transgender rights legislation, derisively referring to it as “the bathroom bill.”