February 26, 2014/Press Releases

Republican Charlie Baker Pledges to Emulate Chris Christie and Mitt Romney

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February 26, 2014

Contact: Matt Fenlon
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Republican Charlie Baker Pledges to Emulate Embattled Chris Christie and Unpopular Governor Mitt Romney

BOSTON, MA – In advance of welcoming troubled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and failed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Republican Charlie Baker has pledged to emulate the two if elected governor.

“In Charlie Baker’s world, a role model is someone like Chris Christie whose staff apparently jeopardized the health and well-being of an entire state in the name of political revenge or someone like Mitt Romney who traveled the country mocking our Commonwealth,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Fenlon.

Baker recently told the Boston Herald, “I think both Gov. Romney and Gov. Christie are good examples of Republican governors who worked on a bipartisan basis in blue states to get important things done.”

Once again, reality is a stark contrast from Charlie Baker’s world.

Christie’s record is rife with examples of bullying opponents, and now notably includes the infamous bridge scandal.

While 61% of New Jersey residents don’t believe Christie’s being completely honest about his role in the bridge scandal, Baker continues to offer public support for Christie. Conversely, Republican Governors and gubernatorial candidates in Florida, Illinois and Texas all refused to be seen with Christie.

Romney has a similar disastrous record. When Romney left office, Massachusetts ranked 47th in the nation in job creation and he had a 34% approval rating. His failure to work with the legislature is epitomized by the more than 800 bills he vetoed. Of which, when challenged by the legislature, over 99% were overridden by the House and 100% were overridden by the Senate- including by Republican legislators.

“Massachusetts voters know Romney’s failed record of bi-partisanship, but in Charlie Baker’s world facts never get in the way” said Fenlon. “Romney’s infamous for saying during his time in office ‘From now on, it’s me-me-me.’ And that’s the leadership Baker wants to emulate?”


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