September 23, 2014/Press Releases

Republican Charlie Baker Campaign’s Late Shakeup Signals New Wave of Negative Baker Ads


September 23, 2014


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New Firm has History of Slash and Burn Campaigning

BOSTON—With only 42 days left until the general election, media reports of Republican Charlie Baker’s senior-level campaign shakeup – an unusual step so close to Election Day – is a sign of a campaign that knows its message is not working well with voters.
After spending roughly $3 million attacking Martha Coakley, while simultaneously attempting to reinvent Republican Baker’s angry 2010 campaign image, it has become clear voters are not responding so Republican Baker has resorted to bringing on a right wing, Tea Party media consultant who specializes in incendiary attack ads, Jamestown Associates.

A brief review of the new ad firm’s work provides Massachusetts residents with a preview of the type of angry, slash and burn rhetoric that will soon be coming to television sets across the Bay State.  Voters can soon expect the return of Republican Baker’s 2010 campaign when voters rejected his negative campaigning in his losing  run for governor.

“It’s sad to see Republican Charlie Baker resorting to same old same old negative campaign tactics and false advertising. It’s a play right out of the national Republican play book and Massachusetts voters deserve better,” said Democratic Coordinated Campaign Chair Ben Downing.

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