November 3, 2014/Press Releases

Radio Ad Highlights Questions Raised By Media About Republican Charlie Baker’s Fisherman Tale

For Immediate Release
November 3, 2014

Contact: Pat Beaudry
Phone: 617.939.0800

NEW BEDFORD—A radio ad released today by the Massachusetts Democratic Party highlights the questions raised by the media around Charlie Baker’s story of a New Bedford fisherman and questions Baker’s commitment to the working families of the South Coast.  Media reports have shown many of the major details to be untrue, and Baker himself has had to walk back major parts of the emotional story he told at the last debate.

“Gripping television, that’s what the New Bedford Standard Times calls Charlie Baker’s tearful story. But the Standard Times also writes “the problem of course is, it doesn’t appear to be true,” and the Standard Times goes on to ask “so the question is, did Baker invent the story to win votes?” The major details of Baker’s story have been shown to be untrue. No fisherman has been found. No scholarships were given up. Even worse, Baker insulted the fishing industry and New Bedford with his tale, perpetuating a stereotype that somehow our families don’t dream big. A South Coast Today columnist says that Baker’s tears may “no longer be telling us much about who would be the better person in elective office, they may be telling us who is the better person for that golden statue known as Oscar. Republican Charlie Baker, the more you hear from him, the more questions you have about him.”

The radio ad will air on South Coast radio through Election Day.

As governor, Martha Coakley will continue her commitment to protect the fishing industry in Massachusetts.  As Attorney General, Coakley has fought to protect the fishing industry and stop federal restrictions that hurt fishermen and their families. In May 2013, Coakley filed a suit against National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for ignoring the devastating economic impact of new regulations limiting the catching allowance.