April 14, 2015/Press Releases

#PromisesWatch: The Story You Won’t Hear Republican Gov. Charlie Baker Tell About His First 100 Days

Rocky, Sloppy Start Includes Breaking Campaign Promises

BOSTON— While Republican Gov. Charlie Baker is getting ready to tout his first 100-days in office, the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s 100-day report card, found here, shows Gov. Baker has failed to meet early benchmarks and already broken promises he made during the campaign.


“Actions speak louder than words and while voters have heard a lot of rhetoric from Republican Gov. Baker, the reality is he has already broken promises in just his first 100 days in office,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party spokesman Pat Beaudry. “Apparently Gov. Baker forgot the pledges made by candidate Baker, but voters don’t forget.”


Shortly after Gov. Baker’s inauguration, the Massachusetts Democratic Party launched its #PromisesWatch campaign to hold the Baker administration accountable to its promises and pledges. Here are the highlights of Gov. Baker’s first 100 days that he isn’t talking about: