June 9, 2015/Press Releases


Despite Claims Baker Fully Supports Women’s Rights, Headlines Fundraiser for a NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Top Legislative Foe
BOSTON—Today in Plainville, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker will headline a fundraiser for State Rep. Betty Poirier – a legislator firmly planted on the opposite side of Baker’s stance on a woman’s right to choose – despite his insistence that he is completely pro-choice.

“It comes as no surprise that a Republican Governor like Charlie Baker would headline fundraisers for Republican members of the legislature, however it is important to recognize that in raising money for Rep. Betty Poirier, he is in fact supporting an agenda ostensibly counter to his own regarding choice,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “Baker may continue to claim he is a different kind of Republican, but the fact remains he is the leader of a Massachusetts Republican Party that still has a long way to go on social issues such as a woman’s right to choose and his headlining Rep. Poirier’s event is a perfect example of the Governor’s willingness to support Republicans of all stripes here in Massachusetts regardless of his own publicly stated positions.”