August 21, 2015/Press Releases

#promiseswatch: Republican Gov. Baker Highlights Tourism Success In Massachusetts Just Months After Attempting To Slash Tourism Funding From State Budget

August 21, 2015

For Second Week in a Row, Republican Baker Takes Credit After Slashing Funding

BOSTON—Voters will again wonder why Republican Gov. Baker is the one boasting about a Massachusetts success story – in this case the tourism industry – after he had previously slashed its funding.

In his first budget as Governor, Republican Baker nearly eliminated state funding for regional tourism councils – a major driver of local economies across the Commonwealth.

“How long can we expect Republican Gov. Baker to slash funding and then grandstand on successes that are clearly the result of proactive investments made by Massachusetts’ Democratic leadership,” said Mass Dems Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “Massachusetts voters are far too smart to be fooled by a press conference on tourism after watching his near elimination of regional tourism funding during this year’s budget debate.”

Last week, Bristol County residents were left scratching their heads as Republican Baker attended a ribbon-cutting event at Bristol Community College after he had cut millions of dollars in funding to the school earlier this year.