January 26, 2015/Press Releases

#PromisesWatch: MassDems Call for Gov. Baker to Come Clean on Hiring Freeze Exemptions

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2015

Contact: Pat Beaudry
Phone: 617.939.0800


Baker Administration Creating New Positions
BOSTON— The rocky, sloppy start for the Baker administration continues as recent news reports uncovered the creation of a new position in the Baker Administration despite the “hiring freeze.” Over the weekend, it was reported that a senior commissioner for the Division of Local Services was hired. As a result, the Massachusetts Democratic Party is calling on Gov. Charlie Baker to come clean with voters about the authenticity of the “hiring freeze” and answer these questions:1.     What is his salary?

2.     Who else will be exempted from the “hiring freeze?”

3.     Will you commit to publicly announcing the position created each time you circumvent the “hiring freeze?”

“Taxpayers have the right to know how much they are on the hook for every time Gov. Baker wants to circumvent his own hiring freeze by creating a new senior-level position,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Fenlon. “Instituting a so-called hiring freeze one week and then carving out exemptions the next week reeks of hypocrisy and leaves voters wondering if they can trust the Baker administration.”