September 14, 2015/Press Releases

#PromisesWatch: Massachusets Students Return to Class with Greater Access to Full Day Kindergarten, Early Education and Community College

All Were Cut by Republican Gov. Baker but Restored by the Democratic Legislature 
BOSTON—As students return from summer break to schools across the Commonwealth this month, families are benefitting from expanded education programs after Democrats fought to restore millions in education funding cut by Republican Gov. Baker’s vetoes.
“Republican Gov. Baker continues to show he sees mostly spreadsheets and numbers not the students and families behind important education programs.” said MassDems Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “The Democratic legislature overrode these harmful vetoes to education by Governor Baker and will continue to look out for families who want to provide a good education for the children.”
Since taking office last January, Republican Gov. Baker has cut funding to:
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • English Language Learners program in Gateway Cities
  • Early Education
  • Community Colleges
  • Public Universities
  • Vocational Training
Last September during the gubernatorial race the Patriot Ledger reported that Baker “has repeatedly questioned the effectiveness of early education programs and points to studies that suggest that the benefits of children receiving early education are lost when schools are not prepared to support them as they grow older.”
This is the latest in the Massachusetts Democratic Party #PromisesWatch series, where Republican Baker is held accountable for his promises and pledges.