February 4, 2015/Press Releases


February 4, 2015

Baker Cuts Substance Abuse, Gang Prevention, Youth Jobs and Transportation Funding
BOSTON— In his latest flip-flop from a campaign promise, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s first budget slashes funding for substance abuse, gang prevention, youth jobs and transportation.
“Gov. Baker is only one month into his administration and yet again he’s broken another promise to voters,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Fenlon. “During the campaign Gov. Baker called himself a “weed whacker,” and he’s already showing disregard for the people behind every line item he cuts.”
Baker will have to explain to voters the logic behind the stark reversal on substance abuse funding, especially considering the attention he gave to the matter during his inaugural address. Baker similarly owes an explanation to voters in communities of color, a population he promised would have a seat at the table. Gang prevention and youth violence are key issues for Gateway Cities and Baker already slashed both. Perhaps most glaring is the $40 million in transportation cuts, a fact magnified by the transportation paralysis over the past few days following Baker’s failure to properly manage transportation oversight during the most recent snow storm.
Today’s release is the latest in the #PromisesWatch campaign, which the Massachusetts Democratic Party launched three weeks ago to hold Baker accountable for his promises and proposals.