May 13, 2014/Press Releases

More Questions Surface About Republican Charlie Baker’s Political Donations

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May 13, 2014

Contact: Matt Fenlon
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Over Three Years, Republican Charlie Baker Made 33 Political Donations Identifying Himself as an Employee of General Catalyst Partners


BOSTON – According to latest news reports, over the last three years Republican Charlie Baker has made 33 separate political donations, totaling $35,400, where he listed himself as an employee of General Catalyst Partners.

Since 2011, according to filings from the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance and Federal Election Commission, Republican Baker identified his employer as General Catalyst Partners with the following occupations: “executive,” “investor,” “consultant,” “executive in residence,” “entrepreneur in residence, “finance,” “VC,” “CEO” and “executive/entrepreneur.”

“How can Republican Charlie Baker say with any sincerity that he’s not an employee of General Catalyst when he’s listed himself as such on 33 separate campaign contributions over the past three years?” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Fenlon. “The bottom line is Republican Baker has a lot of explaining to do for the voters to believe this one. Massachusetts voters deserve better from someone who wants to be our next Governor.”

Former Assistant US Attorney Melanie Sloan, citing “contradictory statements about his status as an employee,”called on the New Jersey Attorney General to launch an investigation telling news reporters, “it is notable that when previous news reports said Baker worked at General Catalyst, neither Baker nor the firm denied that or corrected that, and in fact Baker was allowed to continue saying the firm was his employer for years.”

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