May 21, 2019/Press Releases

MDP Statement on DEP’s Possible Sanctions Against Baker Administration

In response to the recent reporting that the Department of Environmental Protection will face possible sanctions for failing to disclose air quality data in its possession, the Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Gus Bickford, released the following statement:

“Today’s reporting on the unwarranted, underhanded and unethical withholding of air quality data by the Baker administration during the course of a legal proceeding should stoke fear in all of us.  While unsurprising given Charlie Baker’s close ties to the company seeking to locate a fossil fuel facility in a Weymouth neighborhood, this administration’s willingness to do whatever it takes to help the company, including possible violations of state rules and the concealment of critical public health information, is downright dangerous. Charlie Baker and his team hid the fact that eleven previously undetected toxins were found after additional testing. We agree with the outraged hearing officer – this concealment is unacceptable.”