June 12, 2019/Press Releases

MDP Launches Petition Calling on Governor Baker to Take the T

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Patrick Coyne, Massachusetts Democratic Party, 617-939-0800

Massachusetts Democratic Party Launches Petition Calling on Governor Baker to Take the T

Online petition launched the day after a Red Line train derailed and four days after a Green Line derailment

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Democratic Party launched an online petition this afternoon calling on Governor Charlie Baker to take the T. The petition, which is being circulated on the Party’s social media accounts, calls on the Governor to do something one million people do on a daily basis – take the T.

“It’s time for Governor Charlie Baker to finally see first hand what our experience using the T is like, as leaders like Governor Patrick and Governor Dukakis have done before him,” the petition reads. “It’s time for the Governor to FINALLY take the T.”

“For years the Governor has been dead-set against taking the T,” said Gus Bickford, Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. “This petition calls on the Governor to show some respect to the people of Massachusetts who rely on the MBTA in order to live their lives by experiencing what they experience – frustrations, headaches and all. We are tired of Baker’s excuses about not being a “point-to-point person. Governor, it’s time you overcame your inexplicable fear of the T and get on a train.”

“Anyone who rides the T regularly can see that service isn’t moving in the right direction,” said Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu. “We don’t need more investigations or patience; we need real investment and accountability with real urgency to address our transportation crisis. Asking riders to wait for improvements while raising fares is exactly the wrong step. I’d be happy to show Governor Baker what it’s like to use the service he has been refusing to support and introduce him to some fellow riders on my commute.”

You can read the petition here.