July 8, 2019/Press Releases

MDP Chair Gus Bickford Statement Regarding Termination of MBTA’s Top Safety Official

In response to recent reporting about the MBTA’s top safety official being fired for flagging serious safety issues, the Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Gus Bickford, released the following statement. 

“The recent story about the Baker Administration firing the MBTA’s chief safety officer for flagging serious safety issues with the MBTA is alarming. This latest scandal at the MBTA suggests that the Baker administration knew about serious safety concerns and engaged in a coverup to hide these issues from public view. Instead of taking steps to actually correct the problems identified by one of the top MBTA officials, the Baker administration used intimidation tactics to silence the employee from speaking out. Unfortunately, as we have seen with the situation involving the firing of the former head of the Environmental Police, silencing those who bring inconvenient information forward appears to be a page right out of the Baker/ Polito Playbook.”