April 24, 2019/Press Releases

MDP Chair Gus Bickford Statement on Recent Reporting re: Public View Poll on Mass Transportation

In response to reporting on a new poll about public attitudes towards Massachusetts’ transportation system, the Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair, Gus Bickford, released the following statement: 
“This poll shows the serious consequences of a public transit system that continues to experience widespread delays, breakdowns, and service interruptions. Our broken transit system routinely makes residents late for work and other important commitments. The issues with our public transit system also threaten our ability to attract and retain the workers and families who make our communities strong. But, Republican Charlie Baker still refuses to consider raising new revenue to invest in our public transit system. Baker has been promising for four years that he would fix the problems plaguing the commuter rail, subway, and bus systems; however, commuters and residents continue to be frustrated with unreliable, breakdown-riddled service. This poll makes clear the serious consequences if the Governor continues to avoid critical investments – it’s beyond time that Charlie Baker show some real leadership and live up to his promises to improve our public transit systems.”