October 21, 2015/Press Releases

MassGOP Still Distancing Itself From Tea Partier Geoff Diehl Campaign

Contact: Pat Beaudry

Phone: 617.939.0800

MassGOP Again Refuses to Identify Funding Attack Mail Pieces

BROCKTON – This week another attack mailer was sent to 2nd Plymouth & Bristol district voters smearing Democratic Rep. Mike Brady’s public service record without the Massachusetts Republican Party rightfully taking responsibility for it. This comes just days after an ‘anonymous’ mailer was sent to voters of the Senate district in support of Tea Partier Diehl. The MassGOP headquarters appears as the return address on these recent attack mailers, but there’s no “paid for” disclaimer included. The mailer directs recipients to a website dedicated specifically to misleading attacks against Rep. Brady’s record, a website that also fails to identify the group responsible for the development of and payment for this site.

“You can hardly blame the Massachusetts Republican Party for wanting to distance themselves from the mailers they paid for in support of a Tea Partier Geoff Diehl – whose out-of-touch positions on the minimum wage, education and public safety would be devastating for the 2nd Plymouth & Bristol district in the Senate,” said MassDems Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “Why should South Shore voters give Diehl a promotion when MassGOP’s own House leadership has already stripped him of a leadership position for his right wing stances and me-first attitude?

" If the MassGOP sincerely believes Tea Partier Geoff Diehl should be a state Senator, why won't they shoot straight with voters and put their name on their pro-Tea Partier Geoff Diehl attack mailers?"

Diehl has already established himself as one of the most divisive members of his Party. His own Republican House leadership removed him from a key committee assignment due to his prioritization of Tea Party ideology over compromise and competent governance.

According to a Boston Herald article from March 18, 2015, House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones Jr. (R-North Reading) said he removed Diehl because he was difficult to work with, and pointed out that he is part of a faction that sought to oust Jones as leader in 2014.

“I think others have demonstrated a better ability to work with the Republican leadership office,” said Jones, who accused Diehl of being more focused on personal promotion than on getting work done under the Golden Dome.

Diehl also advocated for lowering the minimum wage for workers and increasing tax cuts for millionaires.

Following the untimely passing of Senator Tom Kennedy, the Secretary of State called for a special election for the 2nd Plymouth and Bristol Senate District. The district includes the City of Brockton and the towns of Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Plympton, Whitman, two precincts in Easton and three precincts in East Bridgewater. The general election is November 3rd.