August 1, 2016/Press Releases

MassDems Statement on State Budget Veto Overrides

BOSTON–In response to the legislature's state budget veto overrides, the Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Jay Cincotti released the following statement:

"Governor Baker’s vetoes slashed away at the programs and services that help our most vulnerable citizens. How can we build on our future when the most basic needs of our communities end up on the cutting room floor? 

"The state budget is more than a spending plan; it is a statement of the Commonwealth's priorities and vision for a better, stronger tomorrow. The legislature restored funding to critical initiatives such as our community colleges, literacy programs, and school breakfast programs to help our children reach their potential; municipal police training council and state police to give our law enforcement the resources they need; early vote funding to allow residents to exercise their rights; and cultural council funding which provides not only arts enrichment, but is also a critical part of our tourism economy. 

"By overturning the governor's vetoes, our Democratic legislature has reasserted a strong vision for Massachusetts – helping those in need while supporting and expanding opportunities in every community."