July 12, 2016/Press Releases

MassDems Statement on Sanders’ Clinton Endorsement

BOSTON–The following is a statement from Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Tom McGee on Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

"Senator Sanders' endorsement today of Hillary Clinton gives Democrats a strong, unified voice going forward in this election.  As a nation and as a party, one thing we know is together we are stronger.  Unlike the mudslinging of the Republican candidates, both Clinton and Sanders have addressed the serious issues Americans are facing throughout this campaign.  

"Clinton and Sanders have worked very hard together to create the most progressive platform in Democratic Party history and to make sure everybody has a seat at the table.

"Both Hillary and Senator Sanders are committed to raising wages, addressing obscene amount of poverty and wealth inequality, and fixing an economy that’s rigged for those at the top. They are both eager to tackle climate change, and build a clean energy economy. They will both champion the cause of getting unaccountable money out of politics by overturning Citizens United, and finally put an end to a corrupt campaign finance system.

"Our Commonwealth and our nation cannot afford to let hatemongering and fear hold the presidency hostage, and, like Senator Sanders said today, we will work to make sure Hillary Clinton is our next president."