November 4, 2016/Press Releases

MassDems Letter on Discriminatory Mailers

Dear Friends: 

The MassGOP has hit a new low. We are 4 days from the election, and the Massachusetts Republican Party is using fear, hate and discrimination to try to win votes. 

Today, Chairman Tom McGee said,

"The MassGOP's shameful and insulting attacks only smear candidates and fan the fire of frustration many voters feel about politics and elections.  Governor Charlie Baker signed the transgender rights legislation because it's not about Democrat or Republican, it's about civil rights and human dignity. By using these desperate and repulsive tactics, Republicans are condoning discrimination." 

We can not stand for this! By remaining silent, Charlie Baker, the Massachusetts Republican Party's standard bearer, is either hypocritical or showing extreme cowardice. It's time for Baker to stand up for the people of the Commonwealth. 

Call Charlie Baker and the MassGOP at (617) 523-5005 and tell them Massachusetts does not stand for this!


Jay Cincotti

Executive Director, MassDems