October 13, 2015/Press Releases

MassDems Launch RawDiehl.org

Contact: Pat Beaudry
Phone: 617.939.0800
Website Highlights Tea Party Republican Geoff Diehl’s Dangerous Divisive Positions
BOSTON—The Massachusetts Democratic Party today launched Rawdiehl.org to highlight Tea Party Republican Geoff Diehl’s dangerous and divisive record.
“This race is about values and who will better represent the 2^nd Plymouth and Bristol District and it’s clear Tea Partier Geoff Diehl would be a raw deal for voters. There’s a real distinction between the two candidates: Mike Brady fights to maintain crucial services for the district while Tea Party Republican Geoff Diehl fights for right-wing ideology,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “We’re going to make sure voters know Tea Partier Geoff Diehl would be a raw deal for them.”
“Last year, while Mike was fighting to ensure hard working families got a raise in the minimum wage, Tea Partier Diehl came out against raising the minimum wage and instead proposed a tax cut for millionaires. How are working families in the district supposed to trust Diehl if he’s trying to take money out of their pockets and give it millionaires?”
Rawdiehl.org features many of Tea Party Diehl’s most out of touch, divisive positions, including a series of harmful votes he took against the best interest of the 2nd P&B district and his recent appearance at a Donald Trump fundraiser.