September 12, 2016/Press Releases

MassDems Chairman Tom McGee’s Statement on the Planned Privatization of the MBTA

BOSTON – In response to the planned privatization of the MBTA, Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Tom McGee released the following statement:

"The Massachusetts Democratic Party stands with the Boston Carmen's Union Local 589 against the planned privatization of MBTA services. The hard working men and women of the MBTA are not the problem with this system; the problems lie with the lack of leadership and direction in fixing an under-funded and over-utilized public transit system. Governor Baker's push for privatization does little more than ensure that working men and women would lose jobs. The legislature gave the administration the tools to work with the MBTA, but unfortunately Governor Baker only wants to use what should be a last resort as his first option. Looking at the continued problems with Keolis and our commuter rail system, we can clearly see that privatization is not the solution."