November 4, 2015/Press Releases

MassDems Chairman Tom McGee Releases Statement on Mike Brady’s Special Senate Victory

MassDems Chairman Tom McGee Releases Statement on Mike Brady's Special Senate Victory
"Congratulations to Senator-elect Mike Brady. Today is a great day for voters of the 2nd Plymouth & Bristol District, as they will continue to be represented by someone who will carry on Tom Kennedy's legacy: a hard-working, dedicated public servant who fights for working families.
"Today is also a great day for Democrats across the state. I'm proud of the work we did collectively – as a Party – to defeat a Tea Party Republican who, with the help of conservative Super PACs, tried to buy this election. We used grassroots, door-to-door campaigning to fight back against an onslaught of outside spending, negative attacks and misinformation.
"Statewide Republicans, including Gov. Charlie Baker, tried to make this election a referendum. However, voters in this District sent a clear message today that they support Democrats like Mike Brady who will fight for working families. 
"This race was about values, plain and simple. Mike showed that when you talk about fighting for issues important to working families, like raising the minimum wage, maintaining services for education, seniors and veterans and tackling the opioid epidemic, you win – even when you're outspent by more than two-to-one.
"I look forward to working with Mike in the Senate on the important issues facing our Commonwealth.