June 22, 2017/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democrats: Trumpcare II Just as Destructive to Lives of Millions of Americans 


Thursday, June 22, 2017


Emily Fitzmaurice, Massachusetts Democratic Party, 617-939-0808


Massachusetts Democrats: Trumpcare II Just as Destructive to Lives of Millions of Americans 

BOSTON – After no public hearings and with no expert input, 13 Senate Republican men have finally released their version of Trumpcare, a bill designed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“Make no mistake about it, the Senate version of Trumpcare is going to destroy the lives of millions of Americans, cruelly strip healthcare from our most vulnerable, and pad the wallets of the wealthy and special interests,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Gus Bickford. “Senate Republicans are trying to force this poisoned pill down our throats before they head home for their July break. We are calling on Governor Baker, a self-proclaimed healthcare expert, to show his fellow Republicans just how deadly this bill is.”

The bill drastically cuts Medicaid, which 40 percent of all poor adults and 76 percent of poor children depend on for healthcare coverage. While it strips healthcare from the needy and makes it harder for middle class Americans to get affordable coverage, it provides generous tax cuts to the wealthy and insurance companies.

Provisions of the Senate bill include:

  • Defunding Planned Parenthood, which over 67,000 people in Massachusetts rely on for healthcare services each year;
  • Handing out tax cuts to the very wealthy, large insurance companies, and special interests;
  • Cutting funding for Medicaid expansion, which helped 300,000 Massachusetts residents get coverage under the ACA;
  • Removing requirements that insurance companies cover essential health benefits, including mental health and substance abuse services, maternity and newborn care, emergency services, and pediatric care;
  • Allowing insurance companies to increase premiums for those with pre-existing conditions; and
  • Slashing funding for opioid prevention and treatment, instead providing a one-time lump sum for services.

“Massachusetts Democrats believe that every person has the right to live a full, meaningful life with equal access to opportunity, security, and inclusion. We will continue our fight to ensure all Americans have access to quality healthcare no matter their age, income, gender, race, or zip code.”