November 4, 2020/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democrats Flip 3 Seats in the State Legislature, 2 County Seats

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Allison Mitchell
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Massachusetts Democrats Flip 3 Seats in the State Legislature, 2 County Seats

BOSTON — After voters turned out in record numbers on Tuesday, Massachusetts Democrats celebrated victories down the ballot, adding to majorities in the state House and Senate, in addition to wins at the county level. 

US Army veteran John Cronin defeated incumbent Republican Dean Tran in MassDems third flipped seat in the Senate this year. “I’m so incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to do in this district,” said Cronin. “It’s time for north central Massachusetts to have bold, brave representation in the state Senate. I’m honored that voters have entrusted me with that job and deeply appreciate the support of my volunteers and the MassDems to ensure that every voter had a voice.”

On Cape Cod, Democrat Kip Diggs flipped another Republican-held seat, becoming the first Black legislator to represent the Cape in the legislature. “This race has always been about community, and I’m thankful for the voters, volunteers, and party support that brought us to this point,” said Diggs. “Voters in this district came together to demand a new kind of Representative for this district, and I vow to be a fierce advocate for the Second Barnstable in the Massachusetts House.”

North Attleboro Town Councilor Adam Scanlon flipped a long time Republican-held House seat in Bristol county. “I jumped in this race because I believe in equity and opportunity for all people in this district, and I promise to champion our shared values in the state House,” said Scanlon. “I’m so grateful for everyone who offered their support: my family and friends, the folks at the MassDems, and all of the volunteers and voters who turned out for us this fall.”

Democrats also picked-up two county seats: Patrick McDermott defeated Jerry McDermott in the race for Norfolk County Sheriff, and Sheila Lyons and Mark Forest won seats as Barnstable County Commissioners, defeating incumbent Republican Ron Beaty. 

“These victories show that hope triumphs fear, that unity prevails over division. Democrats ran on bold, positive visions for our Commonwealth and our country, and voters turned out for them in record numbers,” said MassDems Chair Gus Bickford. “These victories don’t just belong to our candidates, they belong to activists, organizers, volunteers, and most importantly, the voters, everyone that cast a ballot in favor of a brighter, better future for our Commonwealth and our country.”