September 5, 2018/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democrats Celebrate 2018 Gonzalez/Palfrey Gubernatorial Ticket

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Emily Fitzmaurice, Massachusetts Democratic Party, 617-817-0257

Massachusetts Democrats Celebrate 2018 Gonzalez/Palfrey
Gubernatorial Ticket
Party and candidates pledge unity, eager to take on Republican incumbent

BOSTON – With the primary election declared, the Massachusetts Democratic Party is celebrating a strong primary race and looking to hit the ground running for Democratic nominee for Governor, Jay Gonzalez and nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Quentin Palfrey.

“After a year of campaigning and talking directly with voters, Jay Gonzalez and Quentin Palfrey have proven themselves to be the strong, forward-thinking leaders that Massachusetts residents deserve to have fighting for them in the Corner Office,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford. “Residents across the Commonwealth are fed up with the status quo from Governor Baker and we are fired up and unified behind this strong Democratic ticket. Jay and Quentin are the clear choice if we want to ensure a brighter future for all of the Commonwealth’s residents and families and will bring back something we’ve been desperately missing in the Governor’s office – leaders with a real agenda to move us forward.”

The spirited primary season saw two strong candidates for Governor and two for Lieutenant Governor. Democrats Bob Massie and Jimmy Tingle, who ran for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, respectively, have pledged support for the Democratic ticket.

“We are a stronger Party because of the candidates that ran in this election and we thank all of them for their work on behalf of our state. These strong Democratic candidates have already done more during this campaign season that we’ve seen from Baker and Polito – they’ve put forth real agendas to address the issues impacting our communities and residents and are committed to making the investments we need to strengthen our Commonwealth,” continued Bickford. “Jay and Quentin are true leaders who will bring about the change we need to move Massachusetts forward and ensure a better future for all, not the few.”

The Massachusetts Democratic Party and local leaders are now focused on unifying Massachusetts Democrats across the state behind the Democratic ticket beginning first thing tomorrow morning at the Party’s unity event.

“Under Governor Baker’s mismanagement, we’ve seen the Massachusetts economy benefit the few, while leaving everyone else behind,” continued Bickford. “We’ve seen what happens to our public schools and transportation systems with a Governor focused on outsourcing jobs and privatizing essential services. We’ve seen large companies grow and prosper, while workers are shut out of their pay and benefits and working families struggle with economic security. We’ve seen cuts to vital services and programs our residents and families rely on. We’ve unqualified patronage hires running amok of state government while we foot the bill. And we’ve seen calls from thousands of residents for the Governor to stand up to Trump’s dangerous agenda fall on deaf ears. Our Commonwealth deserves better and we are committed to waging a strong, unified campaign to take back the Corner Office and give our residents the leaders they deserve.”

In addition to tomorrow’s unity event, Massachusetts Democrats will be hosting a weekend of unity this Saturday and Sunday, with over 100 canvasses launched throughout the state, bringing together all Democrats to unify in support of Democratic nominees up and down the ticket. While Democrats will be in every region of the Commonwealth talking to voters about the November elections, voters will, most likely, be kept in the dark about Governor Baker’s plans. Baker, who has been repeatedly called out for his refusal to meet directly with constituents, recently broke with protocol and stopped releasing his schedule a day in advance, leaving most to wonder just how the Governor is spending his days.

“From the beginning, Baker’s been ducking the people he was elected to serve, but his time hiding out on the sidelines is over,” continued Bickford. “Over the course of more than three years, Baker has failed at some of his strongest campaign promises – including fixing the MBTA, reigning in the cost of healthcare, ending patronage hires, and supporting our public schools. Now, it is time Baker’s failures and lack of leadership face the scrutiny of the voters.”