May 11, 2015/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Votes Unanimously To Endorse Transgender Public Accommodations Bill

MassDems Call On MassGOP To Put Partisanship Aside and Stand With Them In Interest Of Promoting Equality For All Bay Staters
BOSTON—Last week the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee voted unanimously to endorse the Transgender Public Accommodations bill currently before the Massachusetts Legislature in solidarity with the transgender community and on the heels of two high profile Massachusetts Democrats – Attorney General Maura Healey and Congressman Joe Kennedy III – also endorsing the civil rights legislation.

“It is our sincere hope the Massachusetts Republican Party can find it in their hearts to put partisanship aside on this matter and recognize Massachusetts has the opportunity to end one of the last legalized forms of discrimination in the Commonwealth this legislative session,” said Mass Dems Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “Together as two Parties, we can ensure Transgender Bay Staters will no longer have to worry about being denied service in a a place of business simply because of who they are.”

“Over the last few months numerous municipalities have implemented public accommodation protections.  Massachusetts is ready for equal protection under the law,” said LGBT Outreach Subcommittee Co-Chair Tyler Carlton.

Stephen Driscoll, another Co-Chair of the LGBT Outreach Subcommittee added, “Transgender rights is the next forefront of the civil rights movement and Massachusetts needs to be in the vanguard where it has always historically been.”

The bill – currently exclusively sponsored by Democratic legislators – would put an end to the legalized discrimination of transgender individuals in our state’s public accommodations.

Supporters of the bill have pointed out that under our current law, a transgender resident cannot be refused employment at an establishment due to their gender identity, but can be refused service.