August 21, 2017/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democratic Party Statement Against White Supremacy

We, the members of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, vehemently condemn the violent statements and actions of the white supremacists in Virginia this weekend. Further, we condemn the statements made today by Donald Trump that state that white nationalists are “fine people”, and that seek to equivocate advocates for equality with neo-Nazis.

“Massachusetts Democrats believe that every person has the right to live a full, meaningful life with equal access to opportunity, security, and inclusion.” This is the very first line of our Party platform. Our platform demands that “all people be treated equal, no matter their race, religion, national origin, gender identity, or sexual orientation”. As Democrats, these are some of our core values. Full equality enriches our lives, our community, and our country. No person in our nation should fear that who they are endangers their life or their access to liberty and justice.

Our nation’s founders enshrined equality under the laws of this land. Equality is a principle that is completely anathema to the views of the vocal white supremacists groups emboldened by the inaction and rhetoric of Donald Trump.

Trump’s resistance to condemn racist violence, combined with days of backpedaling and apologism all show that he is incapable of defending American values when they are attacked by terrorists.

The American People historically looked to the President for moral leadership in times of violence, terror, and national strife. Donald Trump has resoundingly failed to fulfill that key responsibility. A truly Presidential response to a terrorist attack is condemnation of hate speech and violence. An American President should be lending the power of the federal government to ensure that justice is put swiftly and mightily to work to end violent threats to American lives. Trump’s attempted equivocation between hate groups and demonstrators, including minorities, rallying for equality and justice shows that he truly does not know the difference between that which lifts our country up and that which destroys it.

By failing to unequivocally denounce the hatred and bigotry expressed by groups pledging their acts in his name, Trump has approved their bigoted language and actions and rewarded their efforts of violence with the protection and legitimacy of the Oval Office.

Massachusetts Democrats believe in the diversity of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, experiences, and the inclusion of people regardless of their race, color, sex, language, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, ability, or age. In addition to supporting the principles of diversity and inclusion, The Massachusetts Democratic Party is devoted to both be an anti-racist organization and to work within our diverse communities across the state to help foster an environment of true cultural tolerance and equality.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party will not tolerate those who perpetuate discrimination and hateful violence. And we will challenge anyone, up to and including the President, who seek to defend for it.

Members of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and its Executive Committee:

Elaine Almquist

Bryan Barash

Gus Bickford

Tyler Carlton

Jeremy Comeau

Megan Costello

Marcia Cruz-Redding

Cheryl Cumings

Mark DiSalvo

Steve Driscoll

Toody Healy

Thomas Holloway

Martina Jackson

Deb Kozikowski

Nicole LaChapelle

Mike Lake

Nadeem Mazen

Lisa Mosczynski

Steve Owens

David Perelman

Melvin Poindexter

Alex Pratt

Marianne Rutter

Holly Ryan

Norma Shulman

Amanda Smith

Christine Tron

Paul Yorkis