March 31, 2015/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democratic Party Renews Call on Republican Gov. Charlie Baker to Support Making ‘Gender Identity’ a Protected Class in Wake of Anti-LGBTQ Indiana Law

March 31, 2015

Baker Must Explain Difference Between Indiana Anti-LGBTQ Law And His Current Opposition to Massachusetts’ Transgender Public Accommodations Bill


BOSTON—As uproar sweeps the nation in the wake of Republican Gov. Mike Pence’s signing of an Indiana law calling into question whether it legalizes the discrimination of the state’s LGBTQ community, the Massachusetts Democratic Party today renewed its call on Republican Gov. Charlie Baker to support equality for the transgender community. Baker must explain the difference between his administration’s current opposition to the public accommodations bill and the new Indiana law.

“Discrimination has no place in Massachusetts. In the wake of another Republican administration restricting equality, voters are questioning why Republican Gov. Baker won’t support equality at home,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party spokesman Pat Beaudry. “As Governor of the first state to legalize marriage equality, Republican Baker should be supportive of expanding our legal protections for the LGBTQ community here in Massachusetts.”