September 23, 2014/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democratic Party Launches To Set Record Straight On Misleading, Overtly Partisan Attacks

For Immediate Release
September 23, 2014

Contact: Pat Beaudry
Phone: 617.939.0800

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance Continues to Operate as Overtly Partisan Organization

Boston—In an effort to shed light on the false accusations of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance – a right-wing organization operating seemingly outside of its 501(c)4 status – the Massachusetts Democratic Party today launched a new website,

On, voters will be able to learn more about Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance’s Tea Party leadership, the lack of transparency surrounding their funding and most importantly the truth about the categorically false accusations in their partisan attack mailers.

“Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance’s categorically false attack mailers – funded exclusively by undisclosed donors – is everything that’s wrong about politics and is an ugly example of rightwing operatives’ determination to mislead voters no matter the cost,” said Democratic Coordinated Campaign Chair Ben Downing. “This election cycle, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has shamelessly used our veterans as a political football and have gone so far as to lob false accusations against legislators who are military veterans. Voters will reject this type of negative campaigning – especially by an organization currently subsidized via their 501(c)4 status – and it is our hope that will help spur the proper authorities to take action to ensure Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance can no longer poison our civic dialogue with their lies funded by dark money under the guise of a nonprofit.”

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, which claims to be a nonpartisan voter education organization, has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of overtly partisan, attack mailers to voters’ homes in 20 targeted districts with Democratic incumbent state representatives facing Republican challengers. The mailers, funded by outside, dark money, misrepresent votes taken during the past legislative session on Beacon Hill. The Massachusetts Democratic Party has also challenged the nonprofit 501(c)4 status of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance with the IRS and also called on OCPF to force Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance to register as a political committee.

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