March 23, 2015/Press Releases

Massachusetts Democratic Party Calls on Republicans Baker-Polito to Support Transgender Public Accomodations Bill

March 23, 2015

As Baker Administration Point Person for Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth Polito Should Back Priority Legislation

BOSTON—After news coverage last week of Republican Lt. Governor Karyn Polito’s apparent evolution from full-throated supporter of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage to serving as the Republican Baker administration point person to the Massachusetts Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender  and Queer Youth, the Massachusetts Democratic Party now calls on Baker and Polito to embrace one of the Commission’s top priorities – the Transgender Public Accommodations bill she and Gov. Baker currently oppose.

“Republican Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito has apparently done some serious soul searching from her days a decade ago leading the charge to ban same-sex marriage in Massachusetts to now leading the Massachusetts Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth. If she and Gov. Baker now want to put to rest any doubt in their sincerity to their cause, they must now come out in support of one of the Commission’s top priorities – the Public Accommodations bill protecting the Transgender community from discrimination,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Spokesman Pat Beaudry. “

This is the latest in the #PromisesWatch campaign, where the Massachusetts Democratic Party will monitor the Republican Baker-Polito administration and hold them accountable to their campaign promises and pledges.